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If you live in one of the 46.3 million households that own a dog, you probably already have a relationship with a veterinary practice. This is essential for updating your dog's immunizations, checking up on his or her health, and protecting against disease and other health conditions.

Indeed, if you have a puppy, it's important to bring him or her to the vet every three or four weeks until he or she is at least 16 months old. For older pets, vets suggest visits at least twice a year.

But there are many other pet services that will improve both you and your pet's lives. Consider these ways to pamper your pet while also ensuring her or his maximum health:

Professional Grooming
Pet grooming not only takes makes your dog look absolutely fabulous, but also removes the dirt, dead hair, and debris they've collected, thusly eliminating a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Regular grooming will ensure that lingering mites, ticks, and other bugs are removed before they can cause serious discomfort or even disease. Dog nail care will also ensure that they don't scratch up your furniture, floors (or you) too much.

Therapeutic Bathing Services
Shampoo therapy is a proven method to deal with a variety of pet skin conditions. Don't spare expense when it comes to conditions that could worsen and become more serious, requiring expensive visits to a pet dermatologist. Check to see if your veterinary practice offers services holistic care services like therapeutic services for pets.

Training Sessions
Not only do professional dog training sessions keep your pup on his or her best behavior, but they give them a chance to exercise their bodies, brains, and social skills. Show off your dogs new tricks and rest easy knowing that they are well socialized and trained.

Your pooch deserves the best of care -- and much of it is highly preventative, so, in the end, it'll save you more on vet and animals hospital bills. Keep your pooch clean, calm, and controlled so that you can be comfortably uninhibited with each other.