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Everyone loves Garfield: the lovable, grumpy, fat cat. And while fat cats might be a cute idea, the health implications that come with cat obesity are not cute at all. Just like in humans, overweight and obese cats are more prone to chronic health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, premature death and more. It's likely that all 38.9 million cat-dwelling households agree that they want their cats to live long and happy lives. As a cat owner, you can help make this a possibility by providing your cat with the healthiest diet and lifestyle possible.

Here are three tips for helping your cat stay in the best shape and state of health possible:

Visit the Vet Regularly
The first key to having a happy and healthy cat is regular veterinary visits at your local and trusted pet hospital. Quality veterinary care includes routine preventive care for pets, including weight control. Kittens up to the age of 16 weeks should visit the vet every four weeks, and older cats should visit the vet up to four times a year. Veterinary technicians can work with you to set a goal weight for your cat as well as a proper diet.

Portion Right
Many pet owners would be surprised at how little cats need to consume to be healthy. An average 10-pound cat only needs 240 to 350 calories per day to be healthy and satiated. This amount equals to around one cup of food. If your cat is particularly overweight, seek out a weight loss formula from your local pet store or veterinary practice.

Get Your Cat Moving
While it may be impossible to get your cat on a leash for a brisk walk, play is a great way to get your cat's daily exercise requirements in. Find toys that stimulate and excite your cat and play regular games of fetch with them. Scratching pads are also excellent ways for cats to move their bodies. When in doubt, you can always ask your veterinary practice for advice.

Do you have any other great cat wellness tips? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.