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If you have a pet and take it for its recommended biannual checks ups, you might think that you know a little bit about vets. However, you likely don't know enough. Whether it's surgical services for pets or a simple pet grooming, vets would like to clear a few things. 

  1. Vets are "rich" 
    This is the biggest myth out there. If you have to visit a veterinary practice, don't go in thinking that the vet is getting paid a lot of money to see to your pet. The truth is, the salary for a vet is comparable to a employee in marketing or human resources. However, vets have to work extra long hours and are usually on call as well.

  2. Any one could be a vet 
    As long they don't have a problem with putting an animal to sleep, anyone could do it, right? Wrong. Vets have to go through at least five years of veterinary medicine study with top grades and severe personal motivation and drive in order to become a vet. They also have to pass a series of board exams to become certified. Surgical services for pets are very complicated to understand and that much more to preform. Your vet probably started with a lot of people in the same class, and ended up being one of the few who graduated.

  3. Pets belonging to vets are very obedient
    A vet's pet still has a mind of its own, just like yours does. A vet might know of some good techniques and methods, but each pet will react differently, even if their owner is a vet.

  4. Vets love to talk about animals all the time 
    As much as vets probably do love animals, they are still work. You don't like to talk about your work all the time do you? Well, neither do vets. If you find yourself in a social setting with a vet, try to think of different ice breakers other than informing them that you know that there are about 46,300,000 households that have dogs as pets and 38,900,000 that have cats. Even worse, resist the temptation to ask for medical advice regarding your pet, even if it is just a way of making conversation.

  5. Nothing disgusts vets anymore 
    Sure, they've seen a lot but that doesn't mean that there aren't things that gross them out. Pet feces are never a fun item to dig through, and it takes a lot to get used to that.

  6. Vets become emotionally numb 
    Vets usually become vets because they love animals. Seeing one in pain, or having to put one down does not get easier. Preforming surgical services for pets that possibly may not make it is a very difficult thing to do. They will learn how to deal with it, but it does not mean they have become numb to the terrible feeling.

  7. Vets know it all in regards to animals 
    While a vet knows an awful lot, and definitely a lot more than the general population of pet owners, don't expect a vet to know the specifics of every single created species. If you bring in a springbok with an antler condition, it may take a little research to know exactly what's going on.
Pet health care is extremely important, and while these are the misconceptions about vets, it is important to understand that whether a vet is preforming surgical services for pets or giving them a simple once over at a check up, they should always be trusted. Their advice and their suggestions are based on many years of study, research, and experience. The Internet is a fantastic source of knowledge, but if something you read on the Internet contradicts what your vet is telling you, if you must clarify, get a second opinion from another vet. Do not just decide that that the blogger on the Internet knows more than your trained veterinarian. Find an honest, kind vet that you trust and you won't go wrong. Trust your pet, too. They'll tell you when they like the vet.