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routineApproximately 46 million households in the United States own dogs, while almost 39 million own cats. However, some cat owners seem to be less attuned to their pets' health needs, probably because cats are more independent than dogs.

If a dog is feeling under the weather, it's hard not to notice. But cats are proud, often solitary creatures, which makes health problems much harder to spot.

Despite that, your cat's health isn't any less important than your dog's. Cats need routine preventive care for pets, just like dogs do, no matter how outwardly healthy they seem.

Cats Age More Rapidly Than Humans
Much like dogs, cats age several years in the span of one human year. This makes their life span much shorter than ours, and as a result, they will need to make use of veterinary medicine regularly. Making sure your cat is aging well should be a top priority for you as a pet owner.

Cats Can Easily Hide IllnessUnlike the average dog, cats aren't extremely vocal about their ailments. Veterinary practices, however, can spot things that you normally wouldn't. If you don't practice routine preventive care for pets like cats, you could miss something important and end up with a very sick cat.

Cat Obesity Is a Serious Issue
Over 50% of cats are currently obese, which absolutely shouldn't be the case. Because pets need far fewer calories than you think -- only 240 to 350 calories daily for a 10-pound cat -- many pet owners often end up overfeeding. Your pet hospital, however, can make recommendations as to diets for your pets.

Preventive Care is Better
Just as with humans, preventive care is always better than reactive care. It's much easier to stop an issue before it starts than to stop an issue while it's in full swing. Preventive care could have serious health benefits for your cat.

Pet health care is extremely important, especially if you want your pets to live long and healthy lives. This is especially important for cats, who are often neglected in terms of veterinary care.

Cats may be masters of masking their health issues, but if you invest your time in routine care for your feline, you could prevent a number of those issues from ever happening. Don't underestimate the power of a regular check-up!