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quality veterinary care

More than 46 million households own dogs, and it makes sense that owners want to care for them to the best of their abilities. However, quality veterinary care can often be expensive, and a drain on your wallet.

All pets deserve the absolute best in care, but it's up to pet owners to do that on a budget. These five tips can help provide quality care for pets without breaking the bank.

Practice Prevention

Veterinary medicine places a lot of stress and importance on preventive options such as vaccination, heartworm and tick prophylaxis, and de-worming. These checks usually occur during annual exams, which are recommended for all pets, regardless of age or breed. However, many pet owners fail to see the importance of routine preventative care for pets, but it can save a lot of money in the long run.

Consider Habitat
Familiarize yourself with the area in which you live. Certain parasites and diseases may be more common near you, and as such, you should be treating your pet appropriately. This is part of preventative care.

Consider Pet Insurance
Any veterinary practice will recommend pet health care for your furry friends. Plans can be purchased and tailored to the specific needs of a particular pet or owner, and can significantly reduce the financial burden placed on owners, especially when you consider emergency situations or chronic diseases. Pre-existing conditions in your pet may not be covered, so it's wise to start a policy as early as possible.

Generic Is Okay
Just as human medications have over-the-counter and generic options, so too do pet medications. An older pet, who should be going to the vet twice a year, may need a few more vitamins than a young, healthy pet. They can generally be purchased outside of a veterinary office, but it's important to ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.

Choose Your Vet Wisely

Many pet hospitals may offer discount or low-price services, but it's important to pay attention to the services they provide. Quality veterinary care is extremely important for your pets, so before you pick the cheapest option, it's important to ensure that your pet is going to get the best care available.

Just as every dog owner has a duty to take their pooch on at least one walk every day, you have a duty to provide quality health care for all of your pets. Be knowledgeable, and entrust your pets' care to the very best.