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pet health care

More than 46 million households own dogs and more than 38 million own cats. With so many pet owners, it makes sense that high quality pet health care is in high demand.

As a pet owner, it's your responsibility to ensure that your pet gets proper health care at home and at the vet. Whether you're a new pet owner or a seasoned pet mom or dad, here are five tips to help you find the best veterinary practice for your pet.

American Animal Hospital Association Accredited
Before sending your beloved family animal to a pet hospital, check the veterinarian’s education and experience. Does the clinic or hospital have AAHA approval? Although many high quality clinics are not AAHA members, membership has a hand in ensuring a certain level of medical care.

Everyone has different philosophies about pet health care, but it's important that a veterinarian's values are at least similar to yours. Ask the veterinarian about their philosophies. Do they mesh with yours? How does the veterinarian respond to your questions and concerns about pet care? You should be able to communicate effectively with your veterinarian and agree on the fundamentals of pet care.

Access to Medical Information
Whether from a doctor or a technician, you should be able to have all of your questions answered accurately and in a timely manner. Veterinary medicine can be confusing for a first time pet owner, and the ability to have your questions answered is important.

Interaction With Animals
When visiting the clinic, make a point to observe how the veterinarian and the rest of the staff interacts with the animals there. Do they have a calming effect? Are the animals handled with care? You should feel comfortable enough to leave your pet there for a period of time.

Veterinary Technicians and Assistants
Ask about the tenure of the staff, especially those who will be working with your pet frequently. Staff members who want to do good in veterinary medicine, and who care, tend to stay with a practice longer.

Above all else, your pet should feel comfortable in the veterinary practice of your choice. Just like every dog owner has a responsibility to walk their pet at least once every day, you have a responsibility to find the best health care for your furry friend.