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professional pet grooming

Over 46 million households in the United States own dogs, and over 38 million own cats. Unfortunately, many pet owners don't groom their pet often enough to promote good health and a happy lifestyle. Not sure why you should be grooming your pet regularly? Here are four reasons you should beautify your furry friend on a regular basis.

Whether it's a full-blown bath or a simple brushing, grooming gives you a chance to get some quality bonding time with your pet. Brushing your pet daily allows them to become accustomed to your touch and presence. Your pet will become more acquainted with you, and it can be a relaxing activity both for you and your pet. This is especially important when clipping your pet's nails, which should be done every other week or so.

Professional pet grooming is hands down the best way to help control your pet's shedding. While not all shedding can be prevented with professional grooming, it's definitely a good practice to get into the habit of. A trained professional will know the proper way to groom specific breeds and will trim your pet’s hair. This is especially helpful for pets with thick coats who may shed more than those with thin coats. Most pet hospitals will offer professional pet grooming services in addition to regular veterinary medicine.

Prevent Medical Problems
Some actions, such as checking your pet's eyes, ears, and teeth on a regular basis can actually help prevent disease in the future. Not only that, but it can help you identify disease early on so that it can be treated properly. Many breeds of pets are susceptible to diseases that can only be properly treated if caught during the earliest stages, so regular checkups during grooming are a must.

Dental Health
Brushing your pet's teeth is especially important. It's estimated that almost 80% of dogs and cats show signs of dental disease by age three, which means that dental health is especially important to keep up on. Not only that, but keeping your pet's teeth clean can help keep them healthy between vet visits.

Not only is your pet's health dependent on regular grooming and care, their appearance can actually improve their health and disposition! Keeping your pet looking good can also help them feel happier and be more energetic. So don't skip that daily brushing!