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professional groomingMore than 46 million households in the U.S. own dogs, and more than 38 million own cats, but unfortunately, the number of owners who take their pets to a professional grooming service is far less than those figures.

Pet grooming is an extremely important part of caring for your dog or cat, especially if they have a thick and difficult to manage coat of fur. If you've never taken your pooch or feline friend to a professional groomer before, the search may be difficult to start. After all, your pet should be getting the best care possible! So to make the search a little bit easier on you as a pet owner, here are four traits you should look for in a professional pet grooming service.

Training and Experience
Before you pull up a Google search and pick the top result for a pet groomer, don't. Looking for recommendations from family and friends is your best bet, as a trusted pet groomer will generally have more qualifications than someone who has an ad on Craigslist.

Clean and Calm Shop
Before your pet ever steps foot inside the grooming location, you should schedule a visit by yourself first. Take note of the cleanliness and atmosphere of the shop. If the feel isn't compatible with your expectations of pet health care, then it may not be the best option for your pet.

Response to Rebellious Animals
While visiting the groomer's shop, make sure to ask how they normally respond if a dog struggles, growls, or snaps at them. The last thing you want is a groomer who is going to discipline your pet in a way that you're not comfortable with. The best pet groomer is one who practices giving the stressed-out pet a break and a little bit of coaxing and time to relax.

Good Communication
Just as veterinary technicians should be able to communicate with you about the condition of your pet's health, your groomer should want to communicate with you about the state of your pet. If a groomer is not willing to ask questions or get to know you and your pet, it may be time to look elsewhere.

Every dog owner has a responsibility to take their pet on at least one walk every day, as well as ensure that they receive professional grooming service and quality health care. Just like choosing a veterinarian is a detailed process, so too is finding the right groomer for your beloved pet.