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How to Prep Your Pet for Future Trips to the Groomer

The importance of scheduling professional grooming appointments for your pets goes without saying, or it should. However, knowing how to prepare for those visits to the pet groomer can be tricky.

To save you some time, trouble, and probably a few scratches, here are a few simple tips to help you prepare your furry friends for their regular pet grooming appointments.

Preparing Your Dog for the Groomer

Dogs are generally friendly in the hands of an owner, but taking them to the groomer can be a different story. That's because going to a new place with strange, foreign smells can be extremely stressful for dogs.

Considering that over 46 million household in the United States own dogs, it's important to know how to work with them so they feel comfortable being groomed. The first step is to make your dog comfortable with being touched. Petting your dog often is a great idea, but brushing is even better. Not only will the dog become used to being handled, but it will be used to the sight and feel of a brush.

In addition, you should handle your dog's paws and tail often, as they are both important areas that need to be groomed regularly. Holding each of your dogs paws and gently massaging them often is a great way to help your dog become familiar with your touch and with the sensation of having their nails clipped.

Preparing Your Cat for the Groomer

Approximately 39 million households in the United States own cats, and without a doubt, every cat owner knows how tricky getting them to the groomer can be. Cats usually have to be carried in crates, which means cramped space and anxiety.

The first step in preparing your cat for a pet hospital or professional pet grooming appointment is to get them familiar with their carrier. Placing treats and a blanket in there can often be a great place to start. After all, your cat should feel comfortable in the carrier before they even get to the groomer.

Professional grooming entails a lot of re-positioning and handling, so your cat should be comfortable with the sensation of being handled and brushed. Brushing your cat every day is not only a great way to make them feel comfortable with the brush, it's a great way to keep fur off of your furniture.

For All Pets

The final step in preparing any animal for any kind of pet health care or professional grooming is to make them familiar with the car. Starting at a young age, take your puppy or kitten for short car rides, increasing the distance as time goes on. Most of the pre-grooming anxiety comes from the car ride alone.

Just as a dog owner has a responsibility to take their pooch for at least one walk every day, all pet owners have a duty to groom their pets properly. But first, your pet should be prepared for their groomers!