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all cat rescueCats are certainly elusive creatures. They reside in 38.9 million households across the United States. Yet, unlike dogs who reside in 46.3 million American households, it can be extremely difficult to gauge how they feel. Sure, you can take your cat to your local pet hospital to see a veterinary technician and they can tell you about the status of your pet's health, but those things still don't reveal much about what makes felines tick -- or purr, for that matter.

In an attempt to better understand cats and their mysterious, aloof personalities, researchers in Australia are now administering online cat personality tests. And from their findings, the researchers have discovered that the personalities of our furry feline friends aren't too far off from human personalities.

They came to find this by administering personality tests to 2,800 domestic cats in Australia and New Zealand, which were, or course, administered by the cats' owners. The owners were asked to rank their pets on a scale of one to seven for 52 behaviors and traits, including "clumsy," and "vocal."

Using a computer analysis, the researchers discovered a total of five broad feline personality dimensions, giving cats scores for each section. The traits are: skittishness, outgoingness, dominance, spontaneity, and friendliness.

The study also revealed that there are no major personality differences between indoor and outdoor cats. Considering eight to 10 million pets end up in U.S. shelters and all cat rescue centers each year, this kind of information might be valuable to cat management and care and all cat rescue organizations.

Right now, the study is only available for cats in South Australia. However, researchers in North Carolina are in the process of planning the expansion of the study so it will include American cats. That being said, cat owners can look forward to assessing their feline companions.

And while you might be able to figure out the secrets of your cat's personality sometime in the near future, you should always practice routine preventive care for pets, taking your cat to the veterinary practice for checkups annually.