Heather Ridge Pet Hospital

5901 S. Remington Place Suite 100
Sioux Falls, SD 57108




Merisa, Veterinary Technician

Merisa was born and raised in Sioux Falls.  She did her internship with Heather Ridge Pet Hospital in 2012.  We didn't want to see her go, so she joined our staff after graduating from Globe University with a degree in Veterinary Technology.  Merisa has two dogs named Turbo and Nacho, and a cat named Mae. When she is not working, Merisa enjoys running with her dogs and spending time with her family and friends.















Megan, Receptionist:

Megan was born in Hawaii, and grew up all over the US.  She joined Heather Ridge Pet Hospital in 2007.  She is currently pursuing a masters degree in Psychology.  She has 3 dogs: a Labrador named Tank, and two Brussels Griffons named Miri and Botwin.  Megan enjoys reading, cooking, and learning foreign languages. 








Heidi, Receptionist and Veterinary Technician:

Heidi was born and raised in Sioux Falls.  She received her degree in Veterinary Technology from Globe University.  She has a dachshund named LB, and a cockatiel named Squeaker. Heidi also enjoys working with horses and spends a lot of her free time at the horse barns. 

Brittney, Receptionist:

Brittney was born and raised in southwest Minnesota, and moved to Sioux Falls in 2015.  She had been with Heather Ridge Pet Hospital for 2 years.  Brittney will be attending Dakota State University in the fall for her Respiratory Therapy degree.  She has one cat named Zona Bear.  In her free time she enjoys going home to her family farm, doing any activity outdoors, and spending time with friends.


Connie, Groomer:

Connie is our groomer, with over 15 years of professional grooming experience with both dogs and cats.  She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Connie has been making pets more beautiful at Heather Ridge Pet Hospital since 2008.




Hazel, Greeter:

Hazel joined the Heather Ridge Pet Hospital family in 2007.  She was pregnant with four kittens when she was rescued, and after her kittens found loving homes, she decided to stay with us.  Hazel is shy, but sweet. We like to think that if you see her, you will have good luck the rest of the day.  She is frequently napping inside our closets and drinking directly from the sink.


Finn, Customer Service Representative

Finn is a 3-pawed cat that was brought in through All Cats Rescue.  He immediately made himself at home, as well as cuddling up to Hazel.  He was such a part of our family, and reminded us so much of Tyson (our first clinic cat) that we decided he could stay with us as his forever home.  Finn loves to take naps in our lobby and beg for treats.