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Pet Grooming Sioux Falls SD

We all want our dogs and cats to look and feel their best, and in a perfect world, they always would. Unfortunately, it takes time and regular maintenance to ensure that your pet is fresh-smelling, shiny, silky, and free of shedding hair. This means that you will either have to practice regular pet grooming at home or enlist in the help of professional grooming services. But if the thought of regularly brushing your dog's hair, clipping their nails, and bathing them sounds like a stressful activity, hiring grooming services are your best bet.

As part of our comprehensive pet hospital and clinic services, Heather Ridge Pet Hospital offers pet grooming. And when it comes to pet grooming Sioux Falls SD residents can't get much better than the expertise and care Heather Ridge Pet Hospital offers.

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding pet grooming Sioux Falls SD residents may have:

Q: My dog has anxiety when I groom him/her. What can I do to soothe them?

A: Many pets experience anxiety during grooming, as they may not be used to being handled in sensitive areas, such as the muzzle, ears, paws, tail, and groin. Luckily, professional groomers are trained to utilize therapeutic bathing services that help your pet to relax and enjoy their time with the groomer.

Q: Are grooming services only for dogs?

A: At Heather Ridge Pet Hospital, our grooming services are for both dogs and cats.

Q: How often do I need to get my animal groomed?

A: This depends on what kind of animal and breed they are. For short-haired dogs and cats, less maintenance is required when it comes to brushing and washing. For long-haired breeds, however, regular washing and brushing will keep the coat mat-free, healthy, and shiny. They should also be taken to the groomer more frequently. Regardless of the breed or animal type, your pet needs to be washed and have their nails clipped regularly.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Ridge Hospital. Our professional expertise and knowledge will help to provide your pet with the best grooming services possible!